Sunday, April 29, 2012

Paleo Diet

So yoga just did not excite me. Maybe it gets more exciting the better you get, but I have decided to turn my attention else ware. I have heard of this "new" way of eating. Well, not new. It has been around since the beginning of time. But it has finally been written down and bound together in book form. So now it is official.  That way of eating is call the Paleo Diet. Basically, to sum it up, you eat as a hunter-gatherer would eat. Processed foods, gone. Dairy, gone. Grains, gone. Vegetables, fruit, and meat, here we come. To learn more about it, I found a website that really puts the diet to the test, and shows wonderful results.

This diet is best used with an exercise routine of mostly weight lifting. So time to dust off my gym pass, and get started. I will keep you updated with the pros and cons. 


  1. Good luck! My mom's friend does this diet and she does that cross fit gym thing and with the two of them together she has gotten into great shape. there are lots of paleo recipes on pinterest too.

  2. I would love to do crossfit. It is just so darn expensive. So until I've saved up, I'll just have to do it by myself at the gym.